1937Born in Tokoname City, Aichi, Japan.
1959Graduated from Aichi Liberal Arts University (now Aichi Educational University).
1963'66 Surugadai Gallery, Tokyo.
1966Nayabashi Gallery, Nagoya.
1968'75'77'79'81'84'91 Sakura Gallery, Nagoya.
1979'82 Shirota Gallery, Tokyo.
1982'85 Gallery Westbeth , Nagoya.
1986Gallery K & M, Gifu.
1996GALERIE 141, Nagoya.
1997Gallery WIN, Nagoya.
1956-'58 "Member in ""Pop Art Group"". "
1956-'69 KODO Art Exhibitions. Received the New Face Prize and the Member Prizes. Dismissed from the membership.
1962'64The 5th Mainichi Contemporary Art Exhibition of Japan, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.
1966Painting and Sculpture 5, Towa Gallery, Tokyo.
1968Artists of Today '68, Yokohama Citizen's Gallery.
1968-'76 Sakura December Show, Sakura Gallery, Nagoya.
1969-'73 "Organized and participated in ""Formative Room ARO"" and ""Formative Group Tokoname"". Concentrated on working in environmental art; mainly in wall paintings. "
1970Open Air Contemporary Art Festival, Children's Country in Yokohama.
1971Mini Solid Inverse Image Exhlbition serialized in the Asahi Newspaper Art '70 (sponsored by the Asahi Newspaper) held at Sakura Gallery, Nagoya.
1971"Open Air Exhibition ""Kisha no kai"", Taiho Temple, Utsumi, Aichi. "
1972"Open Air Exhibition ""Performance in 72 Hours"", Taiho Temple, Utsumi, Aichi. "
1974-'81 Asahi Art Exhibition sponsored by the Asahi Newspaper, Nagoya.
1977Avant Garde Paintings in the Showa Era, Gallery Hakuzen, Nagoya.
1978AII-Artists Exhibition '78, Sakura Gallery, Nagoya.
1980Thoughts into 1980's Exhibition, Nagoya City Museum, Nagoya.
1980Nine Artists' Contemporary Plain & Solid Arts, Gallery Wall, Nagoya.
1981Nagoya - Los Angeles Exchange, Modern Art Exhibition in U.S.A.
1982New Collection Exhibition, Tokoname Culture Center, Tokoname, Aichi.
1985Miracle Art '85 sponsored by the Sankei Newspaper, Hanshin Park, Hyogo.
1986Received the City of Nagoya Urban Design Award '87 in the Nagoya Station South Railway Underpass Wall Paintings.
198686 South and North Culture Art Exhibition, Aichi Prefectural Art Museum, Nagoya.
1988Contemporary Art Festival, Nagoya Port warehouse, Nagoya.
1991The 4th Nagoya Contemporary Art Fair, DENKI BUNKA KAIKAN Electricity Museum, Nagoya.
1993Paintings in 1960s - Modem Five Artists, Nagoya Citizen's Gallery.
1994Mourning Yaeko Fujita - Sakura Gallery and Artists, Sakura Gailery, Nagoya.
1994The Five Modern Artists from the Paintings in l960s, GALERIE 141, Nagoya.
19951994 New Collection Exhibition, Aichi Prefeetural Art Museum, Nagoya.
1996Masterpiece Collection Exhibition and 1995 New Collections at Nagoya City Art Museum.
1999Usagi usagi nani mite haneru, Westbeth Gallery Kozuka, Nagoya.
1999The 3rd Modern Print Exhibition sponsored by and held, Miwa Town, Aichi.
1981Tokoname City.
1994Aichi Prefectural Art Museum.
1995Nagoya City Art Museum.
1997Miwa Town, Aichi prefecture.
1998Ago Town, Mie prefecture.